W H A T   I S   R U S H ?
A period of time to experience first hand what Greek lettered organizations have to offer you. Nothing is binding, and just because you come out to rush does NOT mean you are obligated/bound to accept a bid.

W H A T   I S   A   B I D ?
A bid is an invitation to intake for a Greek lettered organization. In order to be considered for an interview to receive a bid for Kappa Phi Lambda, you must attend 1 General Information Meeting (GIM) and 2 rush events to be considered for an interview for a bid!

D O   I   H A V E   T O   B E   A S I A N ?
Although we are an Asian-interest sorority, we are NOT an Asian-exclusive sorority. We are multicultural. We encourage ALL ladies to learn more about us! One of our pillars is Cultural Diversity!

S O ,   W H A T ?
We encourage all ladies to check out all of their Greek life options. It would be great to see you at one (or all) of our events. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE & OPEN TO ALL LADIES! Bring a friend.. or 2.. or 3.. or MORE! If you have other friends interested, please let us know and we can add her to the event.

G O T   M O R E   Q U E S T I O N S ?   Contact Us!